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Maria + Danny's Engagement

What a wonderful nice and cute couple!  One of the cutest pair couple I've ever worked with.  Thank you for having us, WithLove Photography as your photographer, we can't wait till your wedding in 2015!  Enjoy some of the images we've took for your engagement session.  See you around!

Sara + Dan's Wedding

It's a cold wedding, but we managed to have warm packs tuck in our clothing while we went for the shooting outdoor.  Thanks to Dan, the groom, he pays attention to his bride and everyone else.  With Love photography and videography have lots of fun shooting their wedding.  We also did their engagement photo prior to their wedding at the Japanese garden in Mi[...]

Robyn + Devon's Wedding

Robyn is a little shy, Devon is the opposite, and they's why they are a good pair.  Their love for each other is strong and sturdy, this is what With Love Photography and Videography love about!  Not just capturing wedding photography or videography, we want to be able to feel love in the air.  Seeing people in love and happy with their lives gives us power [...]